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Comment of the Day

"I've toured this unit several times. It really is amazing, with a sort of Gordon Gekko vibe to it. The appliances are all vintage Gaggenau and SubZero from decades ago. You are immediately overcome by the black-on-black-on-white scheme and the seeming presence of the ghosts of hookers, stock brokers and coke dealers of a bygone era....and large Victor Skrebneski prints presiding over it all. 80's fabulous!!! Well worth the ask if you can get over the fact that this condo association is a pain in the arse. Board captains for each floor equate to a very large and very particular condo association. Plus, they are all 'aging' (presumably the original buyers from when the thing was built?) and sue one another all the time for the littlest things... especially the newbies. So, pony up and behave yourself while you enjoy the incredible views!" —Andre3k [Minimalist Black & White Hancock Penthouse Asks $1.6M]