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Two-Bed Clybourn Loft Has 25-Foot Ceilings, $359K Ask

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There's a lot of solid lofts kicking about the market, some in rosier environs than the northern end of the Clybourn Corridor. Thus, we won't tell you to buy this 2/2 condo but we will impress upon you the rarity (eek! that dreaded brokerbabble!?) of 25-foot timber ceilings in this species of property. That element, and the complementary windows, comprise the totality of this unit's allure. If you've ever biked or driven this strip of Clybourn north of Fullerton, or plied the North Branch nearby, this four-story loft building jumps right out at you. It's a handsome devil, and this is one of its crowning spaces— newly available for $359K.
·Listing: 2614 N Clybourn Ave. #408 [@properties]