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Cornerspotted: Robert Todd Lincoln Mansion at Scott & LSD

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This week's Cornerspotter involved a big home and a big name. With the sudden absence of anonymous commenting, it'll be a challenge to get a big turnout among registered cornerspotters week in and week out. The one guess for this round nailed the mansion's location: the northwest corner of Scott & Lake Shore Drive. The long-gone stately home belonged to Robert Todd Lincoln, son of Honest Abe. The president's youngest son began his professional life in politics, rising to the stature of Secretary of War, but eventually abandoned the limelight for a successful law career in Chicago. Lincoln's mansion shared a short stretch of LSD with Potter Palmer's castle and many other over-the-top abodes. A condo tower at 1240 N LSD replaced the younger Lincoln's grand home in 1976. Sign up for next week's installment and share your insights!
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