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Retro Townhouse w/ Roof Deck, Wacky Windows Asks $350K

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Architects really went off the rails in the '80s producing some mystifying housing tracts often adhering to principals of suburban design (parking remains a perennial fixation). This 2/2 townhouse doesn't reek of suburbia but it is contextually oblivious to its East Lake View surroundings, including the row of classic homes it nestles behind. That being said, we kind of love the tetris windows, weird alley outcropping, and quaint parking lot entry. The interiors are in good shape, with hardwood floors, an efficient kitchen, sun room, and fireplace. The layout is also a big coup for the price—$350K—with living space on two levels, garage parking below, and a full private roof deck and enclosed porch above. The property is being offered "as is" through an estate sale, which explains the lack of staging and the very solid asking price.
·Listing: 421 W Oakdale Ave. #6 [@properties]