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What $3,500/Month Can Rent You Around Chicago

Welcome to Curbed Comparisons, a column that explores what one can rent for a set dollar amount in various Chicago neighborhoods. Today's price: $3,500/month, with a scattershot across the North and Northwest Sides. Dig in, and don't forget to cast a vote for your favorite!

? If this place comes fully-funished and fully-garnished with eccentric knickknacks it'll be hard to top in this price bracket. The 3,200-square-foot Avondale three-bed is abnormal in so many wonderful ways. The structure looks like a souped-up storefront church with large fenced yard; the living room incorporates a stage; the kitchen is all blue and chrome sheen; and there's 101 cubby holes with 1001 trinkets and tokens of someone else's life. Chandeliers, stained glass panels, art, and buddhas feature prominently. Please, please visit the listing. The place is yours for $3,495/month.

? As if Bucktown needed the help, the Bloomingdale Trail park construction is setting adjacent property on fire. No one (except NYC's High Line neighbors) knows if living on top of a bustling recreational thoroughfare is desirable in the long run, so renting a swanky 2/2 loft next door is one way to hedge your bets. The 1,600-square-footer has 14' timber ceilings, 12' windows, a large balcony, jacuzzi tub, garage parking, and an all-around modern demeanor. The asking rent: $3,450.

? For a change of pace, check out this 2/2 vintage single-fam in East Lincoln Park. Small for a standalone home (1,350 square-feet), you're still getting an admirable abode for the price, with some crisp finishes, vaulted bedrooms, marble baths, newer kitchen, and a sweet back yard and a bit of a front yard too. A sun room offers easy conversion to a 3rd bedroom. The going rate? $3,450.

? This Gold Coast 2/2 belongs to an unusually dapper vintage 4-flat on Dearborn near Schiller. The 2,400-square-foot 2nd floor space is available for $3,495/month and impresses with spruced-up hardwoods, fireplace, built-in shelving, French doors, bedroom with full wall mirror, and spacious common areas. There unit enjoys in-unit laundry, basement storage, and a shared courtyard. The one failing is the no-frills, institutional kitchen.

? Finally, we're shoring up this week's $3,500/month grab bag with a North Center single-family rental. That's right, super comfy and super mainstream North Center where beer bars meet cupcakes and little league. The 3/2.5 cottage is a pretty good get for the area at 1,776-square-feet (how patriotic!) with a mix of vintage and new finishes, updated baths and jacuzzi, fireplace, a small but new kitchen, and a side and back yard. The home is only three lots away from the elevated Brown Line, but, on the bright side, it's just steps to the Irving Park station. The asking rent: $3,600.

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