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Montgomery Ward MegaLoft Has No Problem Selling After $900K Chop

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Curbed readers and writers alike licked their chops at the sight of this custom architect build-out at the old Montgomery Ward loft complex (also known as Domain Condos), a vicarious exercise for 99.9% of us. The 5,500-square-foot penthouse space was designed in 2005 by Minneapolis-based architecture firm VJAA and originally listed in February for $3.85M. That pricing was a misstep, and the listing expired in April with no showings. It returned in September asking $2.95M and closed for the same this week. The interiors give the impression of having been chiseled from solid wood and cement blocks. Giant windows run the unit's length and the 9th floor space benefits from some stellar basics in the 15' ceilings, three balconies, and open layout. Commenters quarreled over the $3,000 monthly assessment last time around, but as far as we're concerned it comes with the territory.
·Listing: 900 N Kingsbury St. #950 [Baird & Warner]
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