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Billy Corgan Grows Lakefront Empire w/ Coach House Purchase

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When Billy Corgan unloaded his Gold Coast condo earlier this year and opened a Highland Park tearoom near his six-acre lakefront estate, we developed an inkling that the rocker really preferred high tea, conversation, and quiet walks to demolishing gourds. Great wealth will often cause a little 'English gentry' to bubble to the surface. As if Corgan's 9,600-square-foot David Adler-designed chateau with wooded grounds and private beach weren't enough, the Tribune's Bob Goldsborough is disclosing backroom intel that Corgan has just purchased a neighboring 4,646-square-foot coach house on an additional 1.03 acres for $1.25M. Corgan bought the mansion in 2003 for $6.8M (it had been listed several years earlier for $11.9M!!) and, writes Goldsborough, had pursued the coach from Day One. The acquisition reunites the coach house with its parent house after coexisting under separate ownership since the 1940s. That's something to celebrate, right?
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