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Step Inside Five Highly Seductive Under $300K Bungalows

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? This newly-rehabbed 3/4 Pullman bungalow "overflowing with details" sits about a mile north of the historic Pullman row homes, concentrated below 111th Street. It's bungalow country around here and the getting is good, with small homes and small prices. This place has small bedrooms, large common areas, a yard, and a finished basement and comes in at just $169,900. The new kitchen and hardwoods, and a full-floor master are highlights.

? This big daddy bungalow, listed for $299K, features vintage and modern finishes with an Art Deco fireplace, window seating, recessed lighting, a new kitchen, three updated bathrooms (with one jacuzzi), three bedrooms, and a commanding basement spread w/ rec room, kitchenette, and bathroom. There's also a back deck and 2-car garage. A solid all-around find in sleepy Belmont Cragin.

? Our most affordable inclusion is this 1,860-square-foot four-bed bungalow in South Shore. Just west of the historic Jackson Park Highlands district and two blocks from the park itself, this is an insane get at $115K. The interiors are simple and charming (apart from the quick-assembly kitchen), and focus on hardwood floors, and an ornamental fireplace. The outdoor spaces beckon as well: a front porch, and a full backyard with paved patio.

? Back up north, this classic Chicago bungalow in West Rogers Park has everything a small family would want, particularly since it fronts a ton of open space (two cemeteries and the rustic Park No. 568). The 1,800-square-footer has three beds, two baths, an open and sunny layout, "updated Euro kitchen", hardwood floors, and a finished basement. But the back patio and garden is really where it's at. The ask is $265K, and if you like the furnishings they can be part of the negotiation.

? Rounding out the list is this certified Chicago bungalow in Beverly. It's in the middle of the pack price-wise, with a $224,900 ask, but owns the best kitchen and tidiest presentation. While the home has just two beds and one bath, it emphasizes living spaces and outdoor spaces, with an upstairs escape (capable of supporting another bedroom) and a scrumptious backyard.
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