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Wicker Park 5-Bed Zaps Competition w/ Rooftop Bar, Hot Tub

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Okay, so it's not the neighborhood's greatest architectural marvel. Still, this accommodating Wicker Park contempo does do youthful, eclectic outdoor spaces with great aplomb. What else can you say for a roof deck and terrace drenched in amenities? It starts with the long, landscaped terrace and eventually produces a built-in grill and hot tub. Finally, the home knocks it out of the park with a full covered bar w/ flatscreen TV hook-up. Other property highlights include a finished basement in-law suite, double height living room, a master suite fronting the terrace, and roughly 4,200-square-feet of living space. Listing in June for $990K, the sellers thought highly enough of their abode to up the ask to $1.1M.
·Listing: 1320 N Wood St. [Krain]