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Stone Floors, Walls of Windows Grace $425K Prairie Style Home

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Anyone here willing to trek to Skokie for an affordable Prairie Style delicacy? The 1951 three-bed has been on the market since June, flaunting Wright-esque qualities in the roofline's eaves, the linear window design, stone flooring, exposed brick, grand fireplace, and open layout. The architect is little-known Alexander Fry, reports PrairieMod. The 1,500-square-footer might also be described as "Usonian" for its simple unadorned layout, compactness, and middle class accessibility. In the Depression years, Frank Lloyd Wright master-planned a small enclave of pared-down modernist homes in the downstate New York town of Mount Pleasant, named Usonia for its proximity to Wright's utopian community ideals. Nowadays, the name sticks to just about any Prairie Style home under 2,000-square-feet. Thing is, the tag rarely applies to the full property which, in this case, exceeds a half-acre. The ask: $425K, down from $450K.
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