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Cornerspotted: Wesley Memorial Hospital at 25th & Dearborn

Long before anyone every muttered the words 'Northwestern Memorial Hospital', Wesley Memorial and Passavant Memorial reigned as precursors. Wesley began in 1888 at Dearborn and Ohio, alongside an already-established Passavant, and two years later moved to Northwestern University-owned land at Dearborn and 25th. Thus began Wesley's long affiliation with the medical school. Passavant continued to serve the Near North Side until both were drawn to Streeterville following parallel affiliation agreements with Northwestern in 1924-25. Passavant broke ground first at 303 E Superior (present-day site of the Robert H. Lurie Medical Center), and Wesley moved to its new Gothic-style "Cathedral of Healing" in 1941. Both early institutions dropped their names for good in 1972. Northwestern's Streeterville campus has thrived while the above streetview says all that needs to be said about the South Loop's borderlands— Wesley left ages ago and nothing but Park No. 540 has dropped anchor since. Thanks for playing!
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