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Wear Your Blinders at This 2/2 Lakefront Condo, Pending TLC

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The only view is out over shimmering Lake Michigan at this undressed and disordered 2/2 condo. Until something is done about the seizure-inducing wallpaper, the blotched and barren floors, and the antique kitchen, you'll want to train your gaze in that one direction. Thankfully, the refinishing and upgrading is within reach and the price tag—$175K—grants entry to dreamers. Measuring 1,500 square feet, this place sits on the beach just above the Lakefront Path's Edgewater trailhead. Its long seventh-floor balcony brings a palpable dose of the waterfront experience to the unit's living room. Do the work and wake one day find yourself in "the most fabulous beach house."
·Listing: 5901 N Sheridan Road, Unit 7B [Prudential Rubloff]