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Halloween Cred

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Some young families are fortunate enough to live in an area conducive to trick-or-treating, others have to stake out the best close-by options. It's no surprise Chicago continues to consolidate its rep as perhaps the best big city for kid-friendly and efficient candy hauls. Zillow's annual ranking has us in seventh place on its top 20 list, down one spot from last year (blame it on 12 months of crummy national headlines). New York didn't make the cut, so L.A. is the only truly comparable city that ranks (we love you San Fran, Boston, Seattle, but we also dwarf you). Zillow's top five Chicago nabes for sugaring-up the kiddies: Ravenswood, Sheffield/DePaul, Edison Park, Roscoe Village, and Belmont Heights (Dunning). [Zillow Blog]