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Where To Spend It: West Town Duplex or Gold Coast Townhome?

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Call us crazy for presuming any real conflict exists in choosing between the Gold Coast and West Town as a destination for investing life earnings. If you look beyond prestige, there's a lot more to influence an individual or family's leaning— try culture, character, schools, demographics, the housing stock, and potential return on investment. Luckily for us, two ultra smooth listings came around today representing solid options in either nabe in the same price bracket. The Gold Coast two-bed is semi-detached; the West Town spot is not. The West Town digs are a little larger; the Gold Coast townhome is a little loftier. Both are bright and high-ceilinged; both have a duplex layout with interior balconies; and both have awesome fireplaces and unexpectedly fresh custom design within older structures. We do wonder how much of the West Town two-bed's visual appeal evaporates with the removal of art and furnishings. Impossible to subtract are the fine outdoor spaces present at both addresses. Neither place enjoys an advantage is asking price: they're both listed for $499K (the West Town condo began in August at $599K). Now for the real action: elect one as the consensus favorite! Polls close tomorrow at noon.
·Listing: 1432 W Erie St. Unit 3F [Baird & Warner]
·Listing: 74 W Schiller St. [Koenig & Strey]

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