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Renter-Driven Map Shows Where to Find 'Food Delivery Nirvana'

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Tying restaurant delivery options to rental buildings all around town, Rentenna has mapped the concentration of restaurant delivery across Chicago. Their heat map plots zero-option cold zones, areas of average availability and variety, and "food delivery nirvana!", along with local delivery favorites. Good for bragging and sneering at neighbors, the map's actual role, coming from a rental listing aggregator and advice-giver like Rentenna, is to empower younger renters with ever more information and probably steer them toward trendy (read: high-priced) neighborhoods. Not a single South Side community made the top 20, not even South Loop or Hyde Park. The map coincides with Rentenna's new food delivery score and has the expected hotspots clustered along the North Side lakefront and Loop with Bucktown and Wicker Park also ranking. Breadth and diversity of food options are factored into scores. Knock yourself out!
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