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River East Center's Largest Condo is a Den of Antiquity

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Okay, so nothing at this decadent 4/4 condo is likely to predate the Middle Ages— but the decor does a fair job of building that illusion. Set on the 51st floor of River East Center, one of Chicago's tallest all-residential towers, the 3,350-square-foot dwelling has just sold for $1.1M despite, or because of, the sculptural sinks, tubs, floors, walls, columns, and furnishings. Checkered marble is a big part of the look as are intricate stone carvings, and most of this wacky excess converges on the master bathroom. We're not sure if the furniture got negotiated into the purchase, but that one cathedral-inspired headboard is absolutely killer. The undoubtedly proud new owner also has the opportunity to purchase an adjacent studio unit to further solidify the property's stature.
·Listing: 512 N McClurg Court #5104 [Baird & Warner]