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GEMS Academy Clears the Midway Point at Lakeshore East

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The tower crane and its crew have been chugging along on the future GEMS World Academy private school since mid-summer, and there's a pleasing amount of product to show for it. The structure is two-thirds of the way to topping out at ten stories and 153', though there's barely an inkling of bKL Architecture's factory-fresh design to come. Already, the mass of this building is working wonders for the continuity of Lakeshore East's northern interior wall. It also interacts nicely with Aqua's architectural public staircase. To refresh, this is phase one of GEMS' two-part development and will serve grades K-5. Behind this lot, parked immediately to the east of Coast Tower, will be phase two— a slightly taller and skinnier building housing grades 6-12. Combined, the school will accommodate about 2,000 youngsters, each paying around $30K in tuition.
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