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Join the Vacation Rental Biz With Prized Gold Coast Property

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One of Chicago's very few vacation rental permits belongs to this vintage Gold Coast beauty. Divided into three units, the 1891 property has a total of four beds, four baths, and three kitchens. That last detail means use as a single-fam demands a good deal of conversion. That option is definitely in play, though, as is the prospect of living elsewhere and renting out all three units at premium short-stay vacation rental rates. One drawback is that, in chopping up the house, very little original interior detailing was preserved— not even enough to serve as an ode to the Gold Coast's formative era. Instead you have three repetitive layouts in upscale corporate suite fashion. Listing in March for $2.5M, the ask is down to $2.25M.
·Listing: 57 E Cedar St. [Americorp, Ltd.]