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Behold, Zumper's Latest North Side Median Rent Snapshot

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It's been six months since we made Zumper's acquaintance, a relatively-new national rental search site. Like Curbed, Zumper is a friend of the infographic, and so today we're publishing the company's September one- and two-bed median rent maps. The data is derived from listings posted to Zumper, with a rooting out of duplicates. Compared with March's one-bedroom portrait, where some neighborhood figures were skewed by low sample size, this month's gives a more believable ballpark measure. The largest rent changes are seen in the Lower West Side (up), The Loop (up), Logan Square (up), Near North Side (up), West Town (down), and Lincoln Park (down), though the data is not a reflection of what longer term renters are presently paying or historically have paid in the neighborhoods. New on the scene: Zumper's two-bed median map.
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