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Gentrification Watch

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Why are Bronzeville and Pilsen "redeveloping" at different speeds? The straight answer is racism but there are nuances worth considering, suggest the authors of a U of I study. Stereotypes of the primary populations are, in Bronzeville's case, "poisonous", while with Pilsen it's mere "condescension". The public perception of Bronzeville is that large tracts of public housing render the area untouchable, even though almost all of that housing has been torn down. Equally prejudicial, but less likely to thwart investment, is this outsider's picture of Pilsen: "Mexicans seem more festive. The culture I would say is perceived as more fun and mainstream. They get flak for stealing our jobs, but people are still gonna love drinking margaritas and eating burritos." After all, it's the "Mexican Mecca of the Midwest". [Chicago Mag]