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The Dough Rises: "Tower of Pizza Hut" in the Oven at Polish Triangle

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We're beyond caisson drilling, folks! There's actually some leavening going on at the fast cooking "Tower of Pizza Hut" at Ashland and Division (sorry, "1601 Tower" just doesn't compete). Curbed witnessed it yesterday, rolling through East Village/Wicker Park, and stopped to grab several pics. The first floor is largely in place, there are inklings of the second, and the tower crane foretells several more in short order. It won't be long before this thing tops out at 11 stories and begins to assume its quirky avant-garde demeanor, courtesy of Wheeler Kearns Architects. We've been all aflutter over the project since it was recalibrated as a denser, parking-free structure in the public input stage. Much credit goes to the unusually urban-minded East Village Association, and to developer Rob Buono for listening. The 99-unit rental building will include three retail spaces with prospective tenants Intelligentsia Coffee and PNC Bank. Wondering if anything else of its kind is afoot across town? Get up to speed with Curbed's parking-free development map.
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