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Two Crafty Childcare Centers Coming Soon to U of C Campus

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In the shadow of bigger academics-bolstering campus construction, University of Chicago is getting to work on two single-story child care centers. The interest is in student/employee satisfaction as opposed to city building and status (i.e. Logan Center for the Arts, new medical center, Becker Friedman Institute). What lends intrigue are the designs, by Ross Barney and Wheeler Kearns. We hadn't seen a trace of these renderings until Skyscraper Page's Spyguy lit up the party, even though the Ross Barney one—at Drexel and 56th—had its groundbreaking last summer. Together with Wheeler Kearns' soon-to-be-built center at 5824 S Stony Island, we have what feel like transplants from the Dutch countryside— shoebox architecture turned on its head. Playful, friendly, and alluring. The tots will surely appreciate it. The 200 or so combined slots will be market rate and reserved for children of U of C students and employees. The first center is scheduled to open this spring and the second will arrive later in the year. Oh yeah, and the Drexel construction is taking the place just down the block from Ronald Reagan's imperiled six-flat, which failed to make the landmarks list.
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