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Big Reveal: $275K for a Revamped Grand Boulevard Row Home

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This week's pricespot garnered three asking price guesses. All were informed, but one, from tjpuptown, hit the nail on the head: $275K. Going back to May 2012, the impeccably-kept 1880 row home was asking in the mid-300s. But time and distress have made their mark, and so this short sale is on the table. The 3/3.5 home has just about everything an average family would want, tempered by location. There's the handsomely redone interiors with fireplaces, modern kitchen, finished lower level, stone-tile baths, hardwood floors, and high ceilings. There's the fenced backyard and deck. And there's the two-car garage. The block of Bowen Ave between St. Lawrence and Langley is like any other in the greater Grand Boulevard area: it provides a survey of great 19th century residential architecture, marred by neglect and vacant lots. Is it just us or are there a growing number of past-decade renovations returning to market on the South Side?
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