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Save Prentice Coalition Presents New Design Proposals

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The battle over Prentice Hospital continues to heat up. And this time preservationists are on the offensive. In response to Northwestern's refusal to consider alternate sites for its research facility, the Save Prentice Coalition has unveiled a new round of design alternatives to preserve the endangered hospital. One proposal, by Edward Torrez of BauerLatoza Studio, is an airy 25-story tower that would attach its striking curved facade to Old Prentice. Another, from Casmir Kujawa, envisions a rectilinear structure with a more textured facade. The 36-story building would provide 1.2 million square feet of coveted research space and be built in two phases. Most ambitious of all: Cyril Marsollier and Wallo Villacorta's winning entry for the Future Prentice design contest which keeps Prentice as a library, cradled by a glass research tower.

All told, Save Prentice estimates that reusing the old hospital under one of these progressive schemes would create 1,000 permanent jobs and add $1 million in tax revenue annually. A hearing is scheduled for January 11th. Keep it locked!
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