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Guess the Ask on an 1880 Row Home w/ Contempo Finishes

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PriceSpotter is Curbed's asking price guessing game. We provide you with some details and pictures from a property listing, and you take a crack at the price in the comments. The answer is revealed on Monday. And hey, no cheating!

What/Where: 3/3.5, 133-year-old row home in Grand Boulevard
Size: Roughly 1,800 square feet
The Ask: ?
This time around, we're making the pricespot as hard as possible. Curveballs are as follows: an 1880 row home with sparkling contemporary interiors; a nebulous Grand Boulevard location on the edge of gentrifying tracts in Oakland, Kenwood, and Bronzeville, but not within them; and a recent change to short sale status. On and off the market several times in a six-month span, the price has dropped more than $60K. However, we'd expect this short sale is the end of the road. The tidy and elegant little guy has three beds, three-and-a-half baths, 11-foot ceilings, "huge espresso kitchen" (in color, not content), two fireplaces, back deck & small yard, 2-car garage, and a lower level w/ family room, bedroom and separate entrance. What's she asking?
·PriceSpotter [Curbed Chicago]