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Close a Gap Along 31st By Building On This Half-Acre Plot

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With so many vacant lots on the South Side, why spotlight this one? Partly because it's in a semi-desirable district, because the right kind of development will sew up a short but urbane stretch of 31st Street opposite Dunbar Park, and because you gotta start somewhere. New condo development already sits immediately to the east, and the The Gap—a pocket of above-average affluence in Bronzeville lined with historic row homes—is just to the south.

The desolate acreage of the former Michael Reese hospital campus grabs all the attention in these parts, and rightfully so. It brings a lot of dysfunction to the neighborhood and makes small developers think twice about locating residences anywhere nearby. But here, at 31st and Indiana, the bigger obstacle is the forests of housing projects that so abruptly destroy the fabric of the streetscape. They stretch north, south, and west from this site. Thankfully The Gap, generous greenspace, and the lakeshore are a solace from all that.

The half-acre offering is zoned for mixed-use low-rise condo or apartment development. And at $2M, that's what it'll take to turn a profit. Our humble request to those listening: Please build here.
·Listing: 3112 S Indiana Ave. [RE/MAX]