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The Best Year End Basement Sale; No Trader Joe's in Logan Square

And now the latest from Curbed's shopping blog, Racked Chicago covering everything you need to know about style, fashion and retail from the sidewalks up...

GOLD COAST - Five of the greatest shops known to mankind spanning from housewares to stationery and menswear to womenswear are teaming up to have the greatest Basement Sale that Oak Street has ever seen.

LOGAN SQUARE - There's a Facebook page dedicated to a nonexistent Trader Joe's in Logan Square. Albeit a ridiculous venture, it's getting a lot of attention.

EVERYWHERE - Now that 2012 is officially in the rearview mirror, we've asked the industry experts including Crain's writer, Brigid Sweeney what neighborhood or shopping thoroughfare has relished in the most improvements over the past year.