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Seven Whale-Approved Indoor Sports Courts On The Market

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There's nothing quite so perfect as an indoor sports court on a cold and soggy day. We imagine so, anyway. If you're a whale of real estate and not a cetacean, you'll probably want to avoid moisture while hooping it up (or putting, or batting, or racquetballing). So, without further adieu, we give you a collection of indoor sports courts. Apply that immense purchasing power!

The Place: 5 Indian Hill Rd, Winnetka
The Price: $8M
The Skinny: This 17,000-square-foot Winnetka mansion boasts "25 rooms of masterful design", but we're really just here for the giant sports court. This one puts the emphasis on basketball and has the width and ceiling height for it to work brilliantly. The remaining interiors are luxurious alright, but a wee bit overwrought. There's more of the sublime in the 1.8-acre grounds which tally a pool, spa, coach house, and awesome landscaping.

The Place: 13 Kensington Dr, North Barrington
The Price: $1.175M
The Skinny: Super huge for the price, this nearly 8,000-square-foot "unique Executive home" belongs to a luxury gated golf community. The bitchin' b-ball court has good ceiling height and proper striping. Beyond this is an "exercise suite" w/ sauna and a basement media room, rec room, wine room, and wet bar. But brace for strangeness with the "bonus room" with its built-in benches and lone porthole window.

The Place: 161 N Sheridan Rd, Lake Forest
The Price: $3.995M
The Skinny: As "one of the finest newer homes in East Lake Forest," there sure is some sparkle to this 5,800-square-foot 5-bed. Amidst the lounges, fireplaces, libraries, and barns lies the large sports court. Batting cages, putting greens, and basketball compete for space but the present layout allows for casual enjoyment of each. Not to worry, lower key stuff gets its own space in the billiards and rec rooms.

The Place: 780 Lincoln Rd, Winnetka
The Price: $3.3M
The Skinny: It's safe to say every property with a private indoor sports court is going to be large. You're tired of hearing it, we're tired of writing it. This Winnetka 5-bed custom new-build has some pretty rambunctious offerings to go along with the fine hardwood basketball court w/ cushioned walls, including a home theater and wine cellar. The b-ball court is emblazoned with the Bulls logo and everything about it says die-hard, but it looks like some of your high-arcers would scrape the ceiling.

The Place: 2700 North Point Lane, Highland Park
The Price: $21M
The Skinny: You won't need to brandish Bulls colors if you were to—oh, we don't know—purchase Michael Jordan's North Shore Estate. The 56,000-square-foot mansion on several fortified acres includes a regulation-size basketball court in a huge gym. Just drag in some bleachers and you can start a league. And wouldn't you know it, the asking price on the whole shebang just dropped from $29M to $21M.

The Place: 1754 Banchory Court, Downers Grove
The Price: $1.65M
The Skinny: The price has been scooting downward on this 5-bed, too, even though it hasn't been on the market all that long. The custom new-build is "probably the coolest house in Downers," but that's not a very good yardstick. Still, it devotes an inordinate amount of space to recreation—which is pretty cool. To go with a full indoor basketball court, there's a basement family room stocked with bar, billiards, and buddha. The three B's!

The Place: 3121 Heritage Oaks Lane, Oak Brook
The Price: $2.8M
The Skinny: Dig, this spot has a regulation racquetball court complete with a glassed-in viewing space. But clearly it has other applications, too: basketball, badminton, volleyball. The host property is an "amazing contemporary/Prairie style home majestically set on 1.3 wooded acres." And there is a lot to jazzed about, like the five ensuite bedrooms, window wall, vaulted ceilings, fab kitchen, four fireplaces, and steadily declining asking price.
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