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Whoa! Come Back At Sun-Up And Take Some Real Shots

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Sheesh! How on earth did this pass the censors?! Even the self-censor that governs taste and professionalism? The vast majority of MLS listings either have competent photography or no photography. Were these alternately blurry and glare-wrecked pics attached to a $1000/month Craigslist posting we might forgive their clumsiness. No, we'd probably still hunt for something less suspicious. But they're attached to a 15th floor Streeterville 3/2 condo. Want that seductive city-at-night capture? Get it then return in the morning for the interiors. The only acceptable circumstance for such laziness is the end-of-the-world syndrome that corrupted some of our brightest minds (until the dawn of December 21). These photos came a week later, made apparent by that other cardinal sin of real estate photography: the time stamp. Interested? The ask is $600K.
·Listing: 550 N St. Clair Street #1508 [Caren Real Estate]