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The Top Three City Home Sales For The Past Seven Days

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Listed for: $2,200,000
Received: $1,950,000
What/Where: 2/2.5, 2,800 sf condo at 250 E Pearson #3502
The skinny: We're enjoying this property because it's easier to poke fun at than the others. The preponderance of marble is a fact of penthouses in the clouds, and we'll add dangling Dale Chihuly glasswork to that list. Imported woodwork spread willy nilly over the walls is a must, as well. As fun as the interiors are, make sure you're completely sober before heading out to the very long and skinny 35th floor terrace— marvelous and terrifying at once.

Listed for: $2,599,000
Received: $2,200,000
What/Where: 4/4, 3,900 sf row home at 2235 N Burling
The skinny: This 1875 Lincoln Park row home has clearly enjoyed some upgrades in recent years. Heavy handed? When the garage looks like a country cottage, then perhaps. But the staging couldn't be more expert.

Listed for: $3,350,000
Received: $3,125,000
What/Where: 6/5.5, 5,200 sf single family home at 1705 N Dayton
The skinny: This brand new home was listed for the first time in November and sold rather quickly for its price bracket. The big highlights are the "swirling center staircase", two-story dining room, wall of glass signaling you've reached the backyard, and the backyard itself— a terraced ensemble. It all amounts to no less that "the epitome of understated elegance in family living." Yikes.