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Wrigley Building Wins Beaux Arts Deathmatch

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Another Friday, another Archigames champion to crown! This time it's the famed Wrigley Building, which reigns supreme as the winner of our Beaux-Arts Deathmatch. It's been a big week for everything named Wrigley. One of the city's most iconic structures, Wrigley cruised to a landslide victory, ending Union Station's improbable run to the finals. In fact, Wrigley enjoyed a landslide in every round. Hey, icons are icons for a reason. As always we thank you, dearest readers, for the nominations and votes. Stay tuned for February's run of Archigames, where we'll showcase the best Modernist buildings the city has to offer.
·Beaux Arts Deathmatch: Final- Wrigley Building v. Union Station [Curbed Chicago]
[Photo: Wrigley Building, wikipedia commons]