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Northbrook-based Integrated Development Group has begun converting the empty 19-story Lakeshore Athletic Club to a 200-unit rental building, reports the Sun-Times' David Roeder. A plan for upscale senior housing never got legs, but this new plan represents a similar reuse for the 1924 structure. It beats 2007's demolish-and-replace scheme by Fifield Co. and Lucien Lagrange that would've seen a condo tower at 850 N LSD. In an interview with YoChicago at that time, Lagrange declared Lakeshore Athletic Club "the ugliest building on the street", but developers will say just about anything to alter the tide of public opinion. Sun-Times sources state that work to transform the lower floors into parking has already begun. But what's to become of the grand mural-laden interiors? [Sun-Times via YoChicago, previously]