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Cans is Dunzo; Walgreens Flattens Point; Free Chocolate Hair Dryers!

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And now the latest from Curbed's shopping blog, Racked Chicago covering everything you need to know about style, fashion and retail from the snow covered sidewalk up.

GOLD COAST / ONLINE - We've partnered with Blow By Blow to give away free chocolate blow dryers... and free blow outs. Here's the contest.

BUCKTOWN - It was rumored that Cans sports bar on Damen is closing. Yes, it is in fact closing in February. Here is a rendering of the space when it may or may not house a sports store/athletic apparel store after Cans vacates the premises.

LINCOLN PARK / LAKEVIEW - The 3 storey Walgreens currently being built at the intersection of Broadway, Diversey and Clark has finally chopped off its pointy thing.

GOLD COAST - World famous Argo Tea is building a transparent shop in the middle of Connors Park, three blocks south of the Viagra Triangle.