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Cornerspotted: Milwaukee & Chicago, No Longer Built Like Rome

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It took readers a couple stabs to nail down this corner. Understandably, so. As warned, there's an almost total lack of visual clues to utilize in the 1910 photo of Milwaukee and Chicago. The southeast perspective shows a long row of classical buildings filling every inch of their lots. In the early 1930s, Ogden barreled through much of what you see in the old shot. And then came the Kennedy and its on/off ramps. There's a little triangular island with a Blue Line exit where a stately Beaux Arts building once held down the corner. There's a suburban-style CVS just beyond. And there's a couple of cheap structures just behind the streetshot (check cashing, empty retail space) that are too dull to be offensive. Just past Ogden, on the west side of Milwaukee, are remnants of the old streetwall, but these aren't visible in the old shot. For those who travel Milwaukee often, this blotchiness is endemic to the stretch from the Polish Triangle southeast to Kinzie/Desplaines. Compared to 100 years ago, Milwaukee/Chicago is ruined. But as one commenter remarked, "hopefully what goes around comes around."
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