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Sitting in Limbo: Behold the Color Swatch Bedroom

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Whoa! What on earth happened to this bedroom? Could be a case of heads butting over decor without compromise, two visions in spiteful attack. But there's not one pleasing color deployed. And is that ceiling pattern an attempt at a fresco? In fairness, maybe the job's not done. At least the hardwood floors are lovely. This 5/3 Lake View home has a lot of spoils for those who strive for a semblance of resort in their day-to-day: marble bathroom, jacuzzi, double-height living room, wine fridge, basement lounge with kitchen, and a master bedroom with fireplace and deck. Unfortunately, a total renovation erased signs of the 1892 structure, rendered a goofball exterior, and left the interiors misshapen. But hey, she's all yours for $685K.
·Listing: 1228 W Wellington Ave. [@properties]