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Development Update

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Development plans for a recently sold 11,000-square-foot lot adjacent to the Paulina CTA are no longer cloaked in secrecy. New owner/developer Keeler-Fog Real Estate likely wants to bring in a chain drugstore (they're experienced Walgreens builders) with an undisclosed number of apartments above. They also want to change a stretch of Roscoe Street to two-way to enhance access to the store. To all but the drugstore, West Lake View Neighbors (WLVN) says NO WAY. "We are worried about the traffic impact, especially when they proposed making Roscoe a two-way street," WLVN Prez William DeMille said. "We flat out said we didn't think that was a good idea." Investors need WLVN's blessing to move ahead with a zoning change for mixed uses. NIMBY strikes again. CORRECTION: The Patch misquoted WLVN president William DeMille as opposing the mixed-use element of the plan. DeMille and WLVN in fact support TOD development at this site, according to an August letter to developers. [The Patch, previously]