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Beaux-Arts Deathmatch: Final- Wrigley Building v. Union Station

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Welcome to Archigames, wherein nominated local buildings of a particular style are matched up in sudden death pairings to decide the most suitable representative of said style. This week it's Beaux Arts, and the grand finale is below. Brush up on the nominees, but always defer to your tastes when casting your vote. Polls close tomorrow at noon. Thanks for playing!

Well, folks, another Archigames grand finale is upon us! And this time, it's an epic showdown between the Wrigley Building and Union Station. Despite some tough competition, it's been smooth sailing for Wrigley, which dispatched the Majestic and Jewelers buildings with relative ease. For Union Station, its road to the finals has been quite the Cinderella story. And now it's going up against one of Chicago's most cherished buildings. The odds seem insurmountable, but something tells us Union Station has no plans to surrender. So, who's gonna be the champ?

Poll results

Union Station

18 West Monroe Street, , IL 60603 Visit Website