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Beaux-Arts Deathmatch: Final Four- Wrigley v. Jewelers

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Welcome to Archigames, wherein nominated local buildings of a particular style are matched up in sudden death pairings to decide the most suitable representative of said style. This week it's Beaux Arts, and the first semifinal pairing is below. Brush up on the nominees, but always defer to your tastes when casting your vote. Polls close tomorrow at noon. Thanks for playing!

There are only four Beaux Arts architectural contenders left in the hunt. This first semi, featuring the Wrigley Building and Jewelers Building should be a nail biter. Wrigley pancaked the Majestic Building in Round One. It wasn't even funny. Jewelers had a relatively easy handle on the Belden Stratford, but it wasn't a gimme. Belden Stratford probably suffered for not being as integral a piece of Chicago's skyscraper history and for being removed from downtown. Jewelers won't be enjoying any such handicap this time. It's appropriate these two riverfront icons are squaring off— they already taunt one another from opposite banks. If there's an objective edge to be granted, it's that Wrigley is the elder structure and Jewelers' design seems to pay deference to that. Alright, time to fire up those engines and vote!

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