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East-West Dorm & Jones College Prep Are In Full Bloom

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It's been a minute since Curbed has ventured to the South Loop's prominent construction sites, East-West University's new Student Life Center in particular. Back in October 2011, as Roosevelt University's Vertical Dorm rose fast in the Loop, East-West announced their own student center/dorm building. Ground broke last winter, but the 17-story tower at 825 S Wabash has really shot skyward in the past few months. Holabird & Root's eye-catching structure will house 220 students plus an auditorium, gym, food court, and library. Beyond the facade's quirkiness the main interest lies in the labyrinthine atrium/food court, visible in slide 8.

Two blocks away, at State and Balbo, is the topped-out Jones College Prep High School. Its busy facade is taking shape along State and really hugs the street tight for a long span. Perkins+Will is behind the captivating design, which will accommodate 1,200 students (the old building holds about 900). It reads as the type of work being done in Berlin or Paris. The finished product will have a facade that bounces around on cantilevers, already evident mid-construction. And the project is seeking LEED Silver certification and will have a half-coverage green roof. Will it make the fall 2013 target? Looks like it.
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