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Fine Example of the Pullman Executive Mansion Asks $190K

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It's not every day that a Pullman Executive Mansion waltzes onto the MLS. There just aren't that many in existence. So it's pretty thrilling to find one so attractively kept and so cheap. The 1875 four-bed home belongs to a tidy row of executive mansions on 111th between St. Lawrence and Langley. They were the largest housing type in the company town and were closest to the factory so that the hot shots could "reach work without having to pass through the more modest residential areas to the south," according to the official Pullman museum site. Hierarchies are everywhere.

Even executives paid rent to George Pullman, but you could snag one of these beauts for between $28 and $50 a month (many times the average Pullman rowhouse rent). We should note, these are not actually mansions by the usual measure (8,000+ square feet). This one has just 1,745 square feet of living space. But man is that space sublime. The updated home features three finished levels with double parlors, hardwoods throughout, eat-in kitchen, marble and limestone-tiled bathrooms, and three fireplaces. There's also a generous yard and patio. The ask: $189,900.
·Listing: 645 W 111th Street [Wilk Real Estate]