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Marüshka Print Invasion; 'Pottery Barn-Like Loft'

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CurbedWire is a roundup of reader-submitted development and real estate gossip around Chicago. Got something on your mind? We want to hear about it:

EVERYWHERE— Ever heard of Marüshka Prints, "silkscreened canvases of innocuous landscapes, sailboats, shells, and dancing animals that were in every waiting room and hotel lobby in the '80s?" Lisa Hix of Collectors Weekly found out all about them and their rebirth as shabby-chic home decoration. The cheap art is popping up in Apartment Therapy tours, and has an army of admirers scouring garage sales and thrift stores for clutch finds. There's even a new Wicker Park shop, Study Hall, exploring new applications for the designs. [CurbedWire Inbox, Collectors Weekly]

LINCOLN PARK— A tipster led us to the Wrightwood Neighbors section of Lincoln Park and a 3-bed condo celebrated as a "pristine Pottery Barn-like loft". Talk about targeting a specific demographic! One of these days we'll get product placement out of real estate. [CurbedWire Inbox]