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Renovated Three-bed Condo w/ Ebony Floors Lists for $800K

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A pretty nice condo has returned to market with a new lease on life, although the old one wasn't so lousy. Selling for $395K in August 2010, the new seller now wants you to believe there's another $400K worth of new goodies. With that kind of price jump, you'd figure the pre-renovation unit to be pretty darn shabby. On the contrary, it was really very nice. The main differences are the bathroom and kitchen upgrades and all-new ebony hardwoods. Oh, and the third bedroom serves as home theater. Maybe it is worth $800K. Take us home, brokerbabble: "Gorgeous sophisticated true loft, heart of River North. 40' gallery opens to wow great room .... Stunning loft."
·Listing: 215 W Illinois Street #5C [Koenig & Strey]