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Wild Pre-Thaw Captures Of Fulton Market Cold Storage

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Think it's chilly today? Sure is! But then there are whole buildings that have been sub-zero for years. You don't often get a look inside a cold storage facility, but there's one in Fulton Market that has been recently retired. As Curbed has reported, the hulking facility at Fulton and Morgan is on its way to office complex adaptive reuse accommodating multiple tenants with some 385,000 square feet, plus an additional 180,000-square-foot structure. There will also be ground-floor restaurant development. But this is all old hat. Just enjoy these crazy fortress of solitude-looking pre-thaw photos of the future SRAM International space (bike parts manufacturer), to be designed by Perkins + Will. Tip o' the hat to Skyscraper Page user jc5680 for calling attention to the photos.
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