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Let's Get Presidential: Tell Us Your Preferred Site For An Obama Library

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On President Barack Obama's inauguration day, we return to the question of his presidential library: when and where? The President has changed his tune on the notion of a multi-million dollar tribute to himself, going from dismissive to unopposed and perhaps even interested, according to an article in Saturday's New York Times. As we write, a former aide is "quietly eyeing possibilities for him in Chicago." In our travels Pullman, Bronzeville, Hyde Park, and South Shore's South Works mega-development have all come up as possible hosts to the library. And then, of course, there's Hawaii. But we're gonna say that ain't happening.

Bronzeville's Michael Reese hospital site is one front-runner, with its relatively central location and 37 acres of cleared land. The other is the University of Chicago campus, where questions of partisanship have been raised. There are big obstacles to the other prospective sites (Pullman may already be on the mat). But for the sake of vibrant debate, we're calling on readers to vote on and speak to your favorite location regardless of plausibility. Polls close Wednesday morning!
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