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Walled North Shore Estate w/ 'Ravine Frontage' Lists For $2.4M

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A half-mile from Lake Michigan, in the north shore's ravine country, this serene Lake Forest home has just returned to market. Built in 1890 on an acre of open space, it's swallowed up by Craig Bergmann-designed formal gardens. A private forecourt leads to the historic home designed by mansion specialist Lars Gustav Hallberg, known for his gilded age contributions to the Gold Coast (Augustus Warner House, Mason B. Starring House). Inside it's classic decor gone awry, though there are redeeming features. Take the living room with a curved wall of floor-to-ceiling windows, the "rustic" family room outfitted with wood beams and a stone fireplace, and the elliptical master bathroom with wood panelling. On the market for $2.395M, the 4,300-square foot home also rocks a library, two fireplaces, wet bar, and a coach house.
·Listing: 899 Rosemary Rd [Griffith, Grant & Lackie]