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And The Neighborhood Of The Year Is... Avondale!

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It took Avondale four-and-a-half days to get its act together, but by late last night those overachievers had pulled ahead of Rogers Park for good. In the overnight hours the Avondale machine padded its lead. 5,897 total votes were cast— nearly double the previous high in Avondale's semifinal contest. The 70-some-odd reader comments in the final round attest to the passions of two proud and praised neighborhoods, each with a lumbering fan base awoken by the Curbed Cup. Crime stats got a lot of play, unfortunately, but others helped keep the debate inbounds. We chose to ignore allegations of ballot stuffing or other tampering since there's no telling how many neighborhoods engaged in it, since there's no proof either way, and since The Cup is a fun and non-scientific Curbed tradition. And hey, at least it wasn't Uptown three years in a row! Here's hoping 2013 brings momentous things to all Chicago's neighborhoods.
·Curbed Cup 2012