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Two-Bed Condo at Edge of Printers Row Offers 1,500 sf Patio

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Close scrutiny of this two-bed listing and its photos confirms the claim to an absolutely bonkers private patio, one measuring 1,500 square feet and wrapped around the northeast corner of the Wells Street Tower. The unit is one of the lucky few at the top of the tower's eight-story base where a setback kicks in for another 26 floors. That setback creates a broad skirt of patio partitioned into several private spaces. The one featured here is the largest, owing to its extra frontage. The utilitarian living space almost doesn't factor in when faced with an amenity this stupefying. The price—$374,900—at first seems quite low, but is in proportion to other units: one 17th floor two-bed sans patio is asking $30K less, and another virtually identical 10th floor unit recently sold for $267K. The subpar setting helps explain pricing limitations. Who wants fenced-off field and smelly rail yards hugging their building? Nevertheless, don't assume this place will be around forever.
·Listing: 701 S Wells St. #801 [Dream Town]