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14 Shops for Activewear Right Now; Car Drives Into Apple Store

And now the latest from Curbed's shopping blog, Racked Chicago covering everything you need to know about style, fashion and retail from the sidewalks up...

EVERYWHERE - If your New Year's resolution was to start working out, and you're now starting to realize you may need some new workout clothes, here is a map of fourteen stores where you can buy activewear.

LINCOLN PARK - It was bound to happen--a car careening into the all-glass facade of the new Apple Store on the island of land between North Ave, Clybourn and Halsted. It was dramatic. But Apple kept their composure.

GOLD COAST - The first in Chicago to pick up fresh label, TOME is space519 in the 900 Shops. Here's a little bit about the brand and why you should be aware they exist.

WASHINGTON D.C. - Oprah's old hairstylist, George Gonzalez weighs in on Michelle Obama's new bangs, which appeared this week, mere days before her birthday and the inauguration.