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CornerSpotted: Old Augustana Hospital at 'President's Corner'

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The old Augustana Hospital, built by a rapidly growing Swedish immigrant population in 1882, was an awfully handsome flatiron that once ran some distance down Lincoln Avenue from Cleveland & Dickens toward Sedgwick & Armitage. The early 1900s image we ran yesterday shows the leading edge at the six corners of Lincoln, Dickens, and Cleveland, formerly known as "President's Corner" when Dickens was Garfield (renamed in 1940). The building consumed part of the half-acre triangular parcel. A couple buildings from this era remain at the intersection, though the long block of Lincoln heading east is now wall-to-wall urban townhouses. The hospital ceased to be Augustana decades ago, when urban renewal brought in the new Lutheran General Hospital campus, covering about five acres. That hospital closed in 1989 and an agglomeration of townhouses took over, completely filling in both sides of Lincoln and Armitage b/w Sedgwick and Dickens. The Pointe is the largest of these developments. Thanks for playing CornerSpotter!
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