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See, there was no need to fret. The threat of a one-story commercial building at the corner of Chicago and Wood (re-posted at right) was pure fiction. What's being pursued instead is a small condo building with nine units, a nine-car garage, and street level retail. Pretty routine stuff, but wayyyyy better than a drive-thru or stip-style retail. A tipster produced this bit of permit speak from the city's Building Permit website: ERECT A 9 DU MASONRY BUILDING W/ROOFTOP DECK, 1ST FLOOR RETAIL, ATTACHED MASONRY 9 CAR GARAGE W/ROOFTOP DECK AND 4 SOLAR PANELS (1KW). Perhaps the neighbors can lean on the developer to get a little more density, like what happened right across the street (since dialed back) and at Ashland and Division. [Everyblock, previously]